Career Test

Are you tired of your job and want a new career but don't know where to start?

Are you in college or thinking about going to college and can't decide on a major?

The Strong Interest Inventory® will tell you your top 10 careers based on your interests.

The MBTI®, Myers Briggs Type Indicator® will indicate your top 24 careers based on personality type.

Unique reports are available for aduts and college students. Your results will be reviewed by a professional with  13 years experience.

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Employee Selection

Would you like to reduce turnover and hirer the right candidate for your job openings?

Would you like to promote employees that have both the Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal skills set to be exceptional managers?

The FIROB® and FIROBusniess® identifies

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Team Building/Conflict

Would you like to increase coehisveness and productivey within teams and across Departments?

Would you like to turn conflict between Departments into understanding and appreciation for the value each brings to the organization?


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Leadership Development

Career Test

Workforce Development Tests

Do you want to make a career change or develop your workfoce but don’t know how to start?

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All career and personality assessments are affordable, statistically reliable, valid and available online with several personalized reports to choose from.  Prices include the cost of the assessment, resulting report and telephone counseling session.  Individuals seeking career change and career enrichment or students trying to decide on a college major or vocation please review the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI®, and 16PF.  Careers By Design® offers teleconferencing to corporate clients as a cost and time effective alternative to traditional team development meetings. Team members take the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI®, or FIRO-B® on-line and results are reviewed by phone or by your qualified personnel.  Results are used for selection, team development, leadership and management style.

MBTI, Myers-Briggs and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Myers_Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the United States and other countries. Strong Interest Inventory and FIRO-B are registered trademarks and the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, FIRO-B and TKI logos are trademarks of CPP, Inc.





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